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Another trip to the orchard and garden updates

September 28, 2011

Our homeschool theme this week is apples, so of course another trip to the orchard was in order! This time we decided to pick our own and got mostly Cortland and Jonagold for pie and more applesauce.
It was lovely to stop and nurse Adelaide among the apple trees.
While Jason was carrying the baby, I decided to put the ergo to apple-carrying use.

We found our first early fall wooly worm (aka tiger moth caterpillar) at the orchard, too.

Our garden is still producing a bit. Eleanore has been enjoying snacking on raspberries and grapes every time we step outdoors. I love that she just finds a spot and settles in for a snack.

I just picked what will probably be the last cucumber from our dying vines, and we enjoyed a few handfuls of beans with our dinner Sunday night. We may have enough for one more meal with them. Our sunflowers are still blooming, and we have a few heads drying in the garage for the seeds.

We still have a few peppers on the plants that I’m hoping are able to get a bit bigger, and just a few more eggplant, too.

Vine borers got our squash and pumpkin plants, and we think it was deer that ate three four of our pumpkins. This one pumpkin survived with only a small nibble taken out of the skin, and we got a nice crop of acorn squash before the bugs killed the plants.
We had a nice salad the other night with the last of our tomatoes.
Eleanore is starting to express an interest in learning to write her name, and did a great first job trying this week!
She has been changing so much the past few months, and it was so evident when we started going back to library story time last week. My little girl who once wanted to hide in my lap rather than participate, is now front and center singing and doing all the finger plays.

A Thrift Store Find and a Canning Jar Tip

September 26, 2011

Canning my tomatoes without seeds and skins should be easier next year. I found this victorio strainer at the thrift store for $7 over the weekend!
I about peed my pants with excitement when I saw the box on the shelf!

And speaking of canning, did you know that a parmesan cheese lid fits a regular mouth canning jar perfectly? Not that I buy canned parmesan cheese…

This will be perfect for those spices that I tend to use liberally like granulated garlic or to store bread crumbs.

More Thrifty Finds

March 2, 2010

The doldrums of winter (2 ft more snow anyone?) convinced Eleanore and me to head out to the thrift store yesterday to see what we could find to brighten our day. We found a few nice books to remind us that spring is on the way, and to add to our spring book collection. Nothing like a little 3/$1 purchase to brighten the winter time blues.

This book, Seeds and More Seeds. P.S. That is the link to a wonderful blog I just found. I absolutely adore vintage children’s books, and love reading about other’s great thrifty book finds! Click the link to see inside the book. It’s an adorable book about planting seeds and watching them grow.

We found an earlier edition of this book. A great score for .33, especially since it was on my wishlist!:
Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of the Eastern US

We also found a book entitled Sunshine and Rain. I couldn’t find much information about it online, but here are a few pages. It was published in 1937 and the illustrations are just beautiful. I hope to scan a few more pages later.
Sunshine and Rain
Sunshine and Rain

Definitely not vintage, but we also purchased this amazing play set for $5! It’s missing a few pieces (the ramps and the car and figure), but Jason and I will figure out a ramp fix, I’m sure.
Plan Toys Garage

Crafty-wise, I’ve been knitting a few things for the shops (here and here) and customers. I just finished this pair of shorties:
Coastal Sunset
and am working on another pair to be listed next Thursday at Their Own Knitted World. Then, one more pair to finish for an April stocking, and I need to work on Easter and Birthday knits for Eleanore.


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