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Our summer nature table

July 5, 2012

A quick peek at our summer nature table. Many of the things on our nature table pretty much stay there year round (jars filled with shells from the ocean, acorns from the yard, eucalyptus seeds from our California trip, buckeyes from our trip to the Smoky Mountains, the alligator head Daddy picked up on a Florida trip, etc), but we do have a few new additions.

Clipped to our “tree” are our new postcards we’ve sent to our home from our travels. It’s become a great inexpensive tradition to mail a postcard back to our house from each of the places we visit. I plan to punch holes in them and put a ring through them to make a memory book of our trips.

This bowl is filled with our Lake Superior treasures. We had a wonderful time rock hunting on Lake Superior while we were in the UP and found some beautiful stones. Eleanore and Adelaide both love sorting through them.

And Jason made these fairy doors that are currently living on our table until the fairies find them to add to their tree homes.


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