Menu May 29-June 4, 2011

Sunday: Maple syrup pork chops — delicious sauce, although I definitely overcooked the chops, baked potatoes, vinegar braised greens from the garden

Monday: homemade pizzas with garlic rosemary crust ~ double cheese (provolone and mozzarella) with pepperoni, green olives and onions for Jason and Eleanore, cheeseless with green olives and onions for me

Tuesday: black bean, beef and potato baked burritos ~ trying my own recipe for this one, so I’ll be back to update with a “recipe” once I’ve made them, creamy tropical fruit salad (I’m testing this recipe for a blogger who’s writing a cookbook, so I can’t link you yet)

Wednesday: bowtie pasta with meat sauce, steamed green bean salad with balsamic dressing (testing this recipe as well)

Thursday: Cincinnati chili coneys, asparagus

Friday: Quinoa vegetable paella ~ making extra quinoa to have curried quinoa wraps with avo-citrus slaw for weekend lunch

Saturday: chicken caesar salad with roasted garlic dressing (testing this recipe)

Other: rhubarb cake
water kefir ~ my grains should be here Tuesday!

4 Responses to “Menu May 29-June 4, 2011”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Ooooh. Quinoa vegetable paella? That sounds awesome! I LOVE quinoa and paella. Hope the water kefir turns out for you. We love the stuff.

  2. Jezebel Says:

    Are you doing the Rhubarb Custard Cake with the sweetened condensed milk?

  3. Espee Says:

    Hi I’m in Pretoria, S Africa: my daughter Ananda, lives in Cincinnati & I’m trying to find out where she can order WATER kefir from ; preferably in Cinty ?
    I’ll appreciate it ; my email address is:

    Friendly greetings from a chilly Pretoria…. (to us 15 C at midday is verrrrry cold !)

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