Finished and Almost Finished Waldorf Babies

If you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ve already seen a picture of Adelaide’s finished Waldorf baby for her 2nd birthday, but I just realized I never posted a picture here on my blog!

Here she is:

The yarn is handspun by me and from my stash. The shirt is from this pattern and the pants are just a custom knit by me. *Everything* except the doll needles ($4.50 at Joann’s) and one little skein of embroidery floss (I didn’t have any pink floss in my stash) for .39 was from my stash. For the doll skin, I used an old white t-shirt I dyed a tan-ish pink, and I used another old white t-shirt of Eleanore’s for the inside of the doll head.
I used Waldorf Doll Making as my main reference, but I also used these great online tutorials to clarify a few things.

This is a great tutorial from Living Crafts magazine (and they’re not going to be printing the magazine any longer – I was devastated to hear that a few weeks ago :()

This is a nice walk-through with pictures and even a printable pattern from Echoes of a Dream.

And this is the tutorial I used for the hair. It made it a lot easier to sew it together before sewing it on the head.

This one will be for Adelaide’s 2nd birthday, as Eleanore received a Waldorf doll for her 2nd birthday. However, I thought that Eleanore might like another doll for Christmas. Plus, I had all these patterns just waiting to be worked in the Making Waldorf Dolls book, so I figured why not whip up another one.
I’m not finished with it yet — I’m still sewing the arm piece to the body and legs. This one was a little more difficult for me, if you can believe it. My hand sewing skills are a little rusty, and I made the head a little too long. I veered a little from the pattern in the book, adding a few bean bags filled with lentils to make her more of a “heavy” baby. Eleanore especially loves her weighted dolls, so I hope she likes her.

I’m actually loving making these dolls; I’m so glad I got over my intimidation of them. They’re the perfect crafting project to unwind with in the evenings. I’m kind of sad I’m almost finished with this one, but I do have lots of projects to be worked before Christmas — a mermaid tail for Eleanore’s bigger Waldorf baby, a child-sized mei tai, hair ties, blocks, etc. I do see more doll making in my future though!

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